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The Best Camping Shower Tents Buying Guide

Hey there, campers! Have you ever had difficulties having a shower in the woods while camping? If so, here is all you need to know about camping shower tents.

Camping is a wonderful experience, even if you have to deal with some little inconveniences. Many nature lovers would have to face the difficulties and trouble of trying to shower without the modern facilities.

Wet wipes are always an option, but sometimes they aren’t enough. You can use a river or lake for a quick, cold dip. But what about taking a real shower? This is when the camping shower tents come in handy.

Why do you need a camping shower tent?

camping shower tents

Having a shower tent means that campers can wash and clean themselves no matter where they are. It gives you privacy in a place that is usually open and exposed. You can also use the shower tent as a place to change. Some campers use it as an extension of their main tent. Some people use it as extra storage. After all, the only limit to how it can be used is what you come up with.

How do camping shower tents work?

Set up and assemble your tent according to the instructions in the user guide. Shower tents are made like any other tent. They have zippers, poles, flaps, and anchors. Make sure to follow the directions of the manufacturer when setting up your tent.

There may be more steps if your tent has a fancy water system. The setup for this should also be in your manual. Some tents come with solar panels that are best placed on the roof. Some have batteries that connect to a system.

Afterward, fill the tent’s storage tanks if they come with your kit or connect the shower to a water source. Then, enjoy your shower while the door flaps are closed.

How to choose a camping shower tent?

When buying a camping shower tent, you should do your research, just like you would when shopping for an outdoor tent. Considering these elements in your purchase will help you get the most out of your camping shower tent. Here are a few key options to keep in mind when buying your first camping shower tent.

Features of a camping shower tent:

Size: Size and weight can help you figure out how much water the shower tent can hold. Choose a tent size that you can set up and takedown on your own.

Center Height: A shower that’s a little too short can be a real pain for tall campers. So, choose accordingly.

Floor Design: It’s advisable to choose a detachable floor design for your shower tent. Some other things to think about are water-resistant flooring and a good drainage system.

Gear Storage: Many types have a towel rack, a built-in mesh shower caddy, and even a separate room where you may store your things while you wash.

Material: In the long term, low-quality textiles rip and tear more quickly than high-quality ones. Look for tents made of thick, water-resistant cloth for a durable and long-lasting product.

Setup: Your shower tent’s style, manufacture, and model will determine how simple or difficult it is to build. There are solar-powered tents, propane-powered tents, and battery-powered tents. Choose a tent that is easy to assemble in addition to the shower’s power production.

Ventilation: It can get very hot inside a camping shower tent, so it’s important that your shower tent has enough ventilation. It’s an excellent idea to choose models that have large mesh windows and mesh roofs.

Capacity: Personal choice and need play a role in choosing the size and capacity. For example, if you are traveling alone, a small shower tent will do. However, if you’re going on a trip with many people, you should get a bigger one, so you don’t have to keep refilling water.

How do you use a camping shower tent?

Pop-up shower tents are a breeze to set up! Set up a camping shower tent in an area that is flat and dry. Open the shower tent by removing it from its case. There are some stakes or sandbags included that you can use to keep the corners of the tent from moving.

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How do you shower in a camping shower tent?

Taking a shower in a camping tent is the same as taking a shower in any other bathroom.

If you don’t stay at a campground that has running water, bring some water with you for your outdoor bath. You can also use water from a lake or river instead of running water. When showering outdoors, use biodegradable soap and shampoo to preserve the environment from toxic chemicals that may contaminate rivers.

Make sure you bring a towel and some clothes, and you’ll be all set.

Who’s up for a camping trip?

Taking showers almost anytime, anywhere won’t be an issue anymore. Make sure to add a shower tent to your camping gear from today onwards. With a camping shower tent, you’ll be able to keep yourself clean and comfortable on your next camping adventure.

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