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How to Pack Jewelry for Travel | 22 Best Packing Methods

Traveling means you have to pack and unpack a lot, and knowing how to pack jewelry for travel without tangling is a skill you have to master. Especially when it comes to something valuable and easy-to-lose when moving, like jewelry, it is really important to pack them securely. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with a jumbled-up mess when you reach your destination.

That is a real pain, especially because you might end up destroying your jewelry when you try to get them untangled. To prevent that from happening, I have come up with this article to teach you how to pack jewelry for travel. If you are someone who loves staying stylish while accessorizing yourself with jewelry, you’ll find so many tips and tricks here that you can implement on your next trip.

I’ve scoured the internet in search of tips on how to pack jewelry for travel and compiled an in-depth list and some offbeat ways you can pack your jewelry. You’ll find some creative ways to pack your necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets that mostly don’t require buying any expensive jewelry organizers. Let’s get started!

How to pack jewelry for travel using traditional ways

The following are some of the most popular conventional methods that are appropriate if you’re constantly on the go and require a quick and effective way to pack your jewelry when you’re on the move.

01. Jewelry rolls

Jewelry rolls are a great way to reduce space while still ensuring the safety of all your valuables. If you’re a lady who’s always on the go, whether for business or pleasure, this is the jewelry packing strategy for you.

Jewelry rolls are often constructed of soft fabric or leather and include many zippered sections that may be used to pack various kinds of jewelry. Simply roll it up and secure it as the name suggests after you’ve sorted and packed your jewelry for travel.

02. Jewelry boxes

When traveling, jewelry boxes may be a real pain in the neck, particularly if they’re in your carry-on bag. Thus, it is not the best way, but if you have one at home, you can use it to pack jewelry for travel. This won’t save you as much space as a jewelry roll, but if you have the space in your suitcase, it’s one of the quickest and most convenient solutions available to you to pack your jewelry.

03. Individual jewelry pouches

When you buy a brand new piece of jewelry, it is often packaged in a charming little pouch or wallet. Despite the fact that you would assume they are just for show, there are many uses for them that make them worthwhile to have around.

When it comes to packing your jewelry for travel, you can use these little bags to keep your pieces organized and safe while on the road. Although this is not the most effective method when you have a large number of accessories to pack, it is a fantastic idea when you just have a few key pieces to bring with you.

How to pack jewelry for travel using DIY ways

How to pack jewelry for travel using DIY ways

The following are quick and easy ways to pack jewelry using items that are lying around your house. You’ll be surprised to see how innovative and easy these DIY ideas are.

04. Hobby boxes

A hobby box is a good alternative to a jewelry box. They come with a variety of compartments for separating your jewels. There are also several styles to choose from, so you can choose one that best matches your needs. You can get a hobby box from almost any department store.

05. Pill cases

If you don’t already own a pill case, you can get one for a very reasonable price. Small and fragile jewelry such as stud earrings and rings may be packed safely and securely in this container. You can store each one in its own compartment, which makes it easy to keep them all in order. As these containers usually have seven compartments, you can even plan what pieces you are going to wear each day.

06. Washcloth

Using a washcloth or a soft piece of cloth to store your jewelry is another efficient method to pack jewelry for travel. It is inspired by the jewelry roll, but it does not have any compartments, making it more suitable for necklaces.

Simply put a clean cloth flat on a table and place the necklaces one inch away from one another. Roll up the cloth, making sure that the necklaces are hidden in the folds as you go. Once the necklaces are wrapped up, use a clip, pin, or peg to secure the two ends together to prevent the necklaces from sliding out.

07. Plastic wrap

Another creative way to pack your jewelry is to use the plastic wrap that you already have in your kitchen. The advantage of this over the washcloth is that it is waterproof and can be used for many types of jewelry, not only necklaces.

The first step is to cut up a piece of plastic wrap large enough to hold all of your jewelry in one place. Put it on a flat surface, and make sure the sticky side is up. Place your jewelry on top of it, making sure there is enough room between each item.

To finish the job, cut the second piece of plastic wrap to the same size or larger and lay it on top of your jewelry with the adhesive side facing down. Press down on the plastic wrap to remove any air bubbles and secure the jewelry items in place. Seal the ends of the plastic wrap to ensure that nothing slides off, and then roll it up.

Another way is to use business cards as a background and then wrap each piece individually in plastic wrap. After that, place each in a Ziploc bag to secure them.

08. Packing paper

You can also use white, non-colored, or soft packing paper to pack jewelry for travel. Never pack your jewelry in a newspaper or on a printed piece of paper, as it can discolor fine metals.

09. Drinking straws

This is another item that you may already have in your kitchen, or at the very least, that you can simply get at a convenience store. Straws are excellent for storing necklaces that are thin and fragile.

Cut the drinking straw to the same length as the chain when it is closed. Thread the chain through the straw and clasp it tight, and there you have it! Tangle-free. You can then put the necklaces in a ziplock bag and carry them in your bag with no worries.

10. Ziplock bags

Another way to pack jewelry for travel is to store it individually in ziplock bags. Airtight ziplock bags can prevent sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing. You can use this method to pack non-silver jewelry as well. Since you are packing each piece of jewelry individually, you can keep them tangle-free, with all pieces together without misplacing any.

11. Toilet paper rolls

Given that toilet paper is already a necessary thing to have on hand while traveling, why not make good use of it? They work in the same way as drinking straws. However, they are better for big, bold necklaces, not smaller ones. They are an excellent choice if you just have a few statement necklaces to carry with you. Otherwise, you may end up stuffing your bag with tissue rolls.

12. Foldable hangers

The use of foldable hangers is another excellent method of packaging a statement that is too large and bulky. Wrap the necklaces around a hanger and put them in a suitcase, and you’re done.

It keeps the necklaces from becoming tangled and takes up little room in your bag. As soon as you get to your location, you can pull the hangers out of the suitcases and store them in the closet until you need to pack them again.

13. Cardboards

To make your earrings, just punch two holes in a piece of stiff card and insert your earrings through them. When wearing fish hook earrings, the backs of the earrings may be secured to your card so that they do not fall out. To be on the safe side, slip the card piece inside a plastic bag in case any earrings get loosened during transit.

14. Buttons

Take a piece of ribbon or cotton fabric. Place the buttons on the top of the fabric or ribbon. Attach your earrings to the ribbon or fabric by threading them through the buttonholes. Earrings that have earing backs should be closed at the back of the ribbon or piece of cloth. Then, roll it up gently and put it in a hand towel.

15. Mint tins

Small mint tins are ideal for storing little items such as rings, tennis bracelets, and stud earrings. The small size makes it simple and easy to stash a couple in your bag to keep jewelry organized and hidden. A pro tip is to place a cotton ball inside the container to prevent things from rattling about and being damaged.

16. Bead organizers

Even though these plastic storage boxes are designed for beads, they are ideal for storing a large number of earrings for a short period of time. You can put 1-3 pairs of small earrings or rings in each nook.

17. Styrofoam plates and cups

Pin your little earrings on the plate’s top section. The center and bottom parts may be used to pin the longer, more chunky earrings. All your earrings and clasped chains will fit this part. Then, put the pinned plate in a ziplock bag.

You can keep your necklaces in plastic cups or Styrofoam glasses. Wrap a piece of cloth over them to keep them from being tossed about in your baggage. This approach is an affordable and long-lasting way to pack jewelry for travel.

18. Soap holders

Soap holders are another item that can be found in your home and can be purchased at almost any store. You can use a soap holder to store earrings, bracelets, and rings. It can safeguard everything while keeping it all in one place.

19. Contact case

Everyone who wears contacts has a few extra contact cases lying around the house. Contact cases are excellent storage containers for small stud earrings, tiny hoop earrings, pendants, and rings while traveling. On each side of the case, you can place one piece of jewelry, and it will remain safe and protected from damage during your journey.

20. Secure cases

It is a good idea to keep all of your jewelry in one safe place when you travel, whether you use the box, it came in or a special jewelry organizer. After you have individually packaged everything to ensure that it does not get damaged or dinged, organize them all together in one place. 

Secure cases come in handy when you don’t have enough space in your luggage to keep your jewelry organized while traveling light. If you travel constantly, you may want to invest in a travel jewelry organizer that can also be used as a storage box while you are at your destination.

21. Dustbags

After you pack jewelry for travel, you can use dust bags to sort them into separate containers or to group similar pieces. As an example, place all of your gold hoop earrings in one dust bag and all of your rings in a different one.

22. Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is also great for securing your delicate jewelry pieces even more. Once you’ve packed everything using the DIY methods mentioned here, you can wrap those using bubble wrap for more security.

Wrap it up!

By now, you’ve learned so many creative methods for how to pack jewelry for travel. As you can see, packing jewelry for travel does not have to be a difficult or time-consuming task. If you look around your house and put some thought into it, you’ll be able to come up with even more fantastic ways to pack jewelry for travel. And if you do, feel free to leave a comment below, so others can try it too. Also in the independent travel cats blog, they have written about a travel-inspired jewelry list, hope you will like that one too.

Here is a great video about how to pack jewelry for travel.

Lastly, don’t forget to try these packing methods I’ve shared with you next time you are on the road!

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