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Easy Pop Up Camping Tents | The Ultimate Guide To One Person Camping Tents

Are you planning on a camping venture to have some personal time alone, away from your busy lifestyle? Here is an A-Z guide on easy pop up camping tents for one person. As you are camping alone, you’ll need to carry as little as possible. Carrying campsite gear, food, clothing, water, and other items can be complicated.

Above all that, your camping tent is a complex and heavy item. That’s why a pop up camping tent can be a great option. Pop up camping tents give you maximum comfort. Plus, they are easy to set up. You can construct them in under two minutes. Therefore, these pop up camping tents are also an outstanding option for first-time campers as they save your energy and time.

What Is A Pop Up Camping Tent?

A pop up camping tent AKA the instant camping tent is a tent that requires minimum effort when constructing. All you have to do is take the pop up camping tent out of its bag, remove the straps, put it in position, make sure the poles are in place, and pull over its rainfly. How simple and efficient is that?

Pop Up Camping Tent VS Regular Camping Tent

As our chief focus is one person camping tents or camping like a newbie, pop up camping tents will work for you. The reason is that it requires minimal effort. Whereas regular camping tents can be tricky when setting up. You’ll only need two minutes to construct a pop up camping tent. General camping tents are hard to put up by yourself if you haven’t got any experience. Most of the time, pop up camping tents are less expensive than regular camping tents, but it doesn’t mean they are less valuable.

What To Consider When Buying a Pop Up Camping Tent

In general, there are a few things that you should look for when buying a pop up camping tent.


The sizes of pop up camping tents can go up to one person to ten persons. For an individual to camp comfortably, go for a two-person camping tent. The average length of a one-person camping tent can be 2-3m, the average width can be 1-1.5m, and the height can be 1-1.5m. Here is the guide to find best camping tent sizes.


Pop up camping tents are notably light-weighted. An ideal one person camping tent can weigh about five pounds (2.2kg). Because they are light-weighted, windy weather conditions can cause problems. Staking loops will prevent your pop up tent from flying away.


The center height or the headroom differ from one model to another. Commonly the smaller tent slope only allows you to sit and sleep. But some designers manufacture small tents with a towering height. You can buy one of your preferences.


Larger pop up tents have multiple doors. But, as you are camping solo, having one door is enough.


Usually, these pop up camping tents are waterproof. The synthetic materials used in these tents withstand moisture. Since the fabric is thin, it is crucial to set up your pop up camping tent in a dry area.


Most pop up camping tents come with fiberglass poles that are less expensive and user-friendly. As mentioned before, the most common fabric materials are synthetics which can be thin nylon and polyester.


We know that they use synthetic materials. These materials are not breathable. Therefore, you will have to look for tents with multiple ventilation options like mesh windows, mesh ceilings, rainfly, etc.


There are different shaped pop up tents in the market. The shape can affect the way of feeling spacious or compact.

Dome Shaped Pop Up Camping Tent


Dome-style is the top shape for easy-up tents because the pole configuration lends itself to simple assembly. In most cases, dome-style pop ups are often folded into a little compact bundle for straightforward transportation during a backpack and weigh but geodesic or cabin tents.

This shape is in tents designed for six or fewer people. In general, the larger a dome tent is, the less stability it will provide in heavy winds.

Geodesic Shaped Pop Up Camping Tent

Geodesic Shaped Pop Up Camping Tent

Geodesic tents are upgraded versions of dome tents that use extra poles to supply added stability. It makes them suitable to use in exposed backcountry terrain or places that you might experience high winds.

Cabin Shaped Pop Up Camping Tent

Cabin Shaped Pop Up Camping Tent

Cabin-shaped tents can accommodate more people. They are not straightforward to pitch like dome-style tents, and most models will take a full minute to set up.

The Impact Of The Color Of Your Pop Up Camping Tent

There are plenty of pop up camping tents in the market with many colors. But the question is ‘Is there a specific color that you should choose according to your purpose?’. The answer is ‘Yes!’.

The color of your tent plays a substantial role when it comes to heat and temperatures. When you bring to sunlight, they act differently. You can keep your tent as cool as possible with brighter colors, whereas darker colors can make your tent warm.

The sunlight carries heat. The white color will reflect all the light whereas, the black color will absorb all the sunlight. The following order will show you how well the colors absorb heat.

Black > Violet > Indigo > Blue > Yellow > Orange > Red

You can blend in with the surrounding with the help of colors. For example, you can go for dark green if you are camping in the wilderness. Or you can choose the brown color if you are camping in a desert area.

Another thing that you have to bear in mind is that bright colors attract birds and bugs. And dark colors attract mosquitoes.

How To Set Up A Pop Up Camping Tent

There is nothing much to say when it comes to pitching a pop up camping tent. Its poles and other attachments come pre-made. Therefore, you do not have to worry about putting them together. Take your tent out of its bag and unfold it. Then lift it. You will hear a click sound when the tent has assembled.

How To Fold A Pop up Camping Tent

Folding is the tricky part of a pop up camping tent. Although it is easy to set up, folding will require some practice. I will write down the steps to unfold your pop up camping tent with ease.

  1. There are two top points of the tent. Stand at the opening of the tent and grab the two points firmly and bring them closer.
  2. Keep the tent door open. It will release the air when folding. Using the opposite free hand, take the highest of the tiniest point located at the rear of your tent. Then, carefully bring it to the tips on the opposite hand. Now, take all the three by your hand to free the opposite hand.
  3. Together with your open tent door, release air while folding, take hold of the arch situated over the door. Turn over the front towards the inside and make a semi-circular shape.
  4. Make sure you do not abandon the arcs in your hand, turn the tent to the highest. Since the opposite hand is free, use it to force down the topmost point of the tent. By now, the tent should be ready to draw in freely, ensuring the arches in your hand are on the outside of the tent.
  5. When the tent is fully folded downwards, make a little twist on the arcs to make two round shapes on all sides. Steer one circle on the opposite to form it overlie on the opposite. Get the sides together to make sure evenness on the tent.
  6. Use the attachments on the tent to lock it to stop sudden pop ups.
  7. Place the tent into the carrying bag or storage bag to store away. It will easily slot in its bag, then zip.

Pros and Cons of Pop Up Camping Tents

There are both advantages and disadvantages to anything. The same goes for these pop up camping tents.


  1. You can easily construct them in under 2 minutes.
  2. You can fold them easily in under 2 minutes with some practice.
  3. Pop up camping tents are a transcendent option for beginners.
  4. They need less gear.
  5. Light-weighted.


  1. More additional gear is needed to make the tent weather protected.
  2. Less breathable.
  3. The tent can only be folded, not rolled.
  4. As it is pre-assembled, if something breaks, you will have to replace the entire tent.
  5. It can be challenging to fold without any practice.

You have reached the end of this article. I hope you have gained proper knowledge on what a pop up tent is, how they differ from regular tents, what things to consider when buying a pop up camping tent, what colors to choose, how to set up and fold a pop up tent, and finally, the pros and cons of it.

Pop up tents make excellent one person camping tents. Next time when you plan your solo camping trip, you know what to do. Stay safe! Travel more!

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