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Camping Tent Sizes | Choose The Best Size For You

In this article, you’ll find an impeccable guide on camping tent sizes for choosing the best camping tent size for you.

You may think, ‘Why do I need advice when choosing a camping tent? The size comes with the description’. Well, yes! It sounds pretty basic. But here’s the thing, the size specified in the description isn’t always the best size for you.

Your camping tent will be your temporary home. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are living comfortably in it. Only then you’ll be able to get the best out of your camping encounter.

Camping Tent Sizes VS Backpacking Tent Sizes


Tent Camping

When it comes to camping tents and backpacking tents, they both share the same characteristics. The only difference is the weight. Camping tents can be heavy, whereas backpacking tents are light in weight and can be relatively small.

If you reach your campsite in your car, you can use a camping tent. And if you have to hike before camping, the backpacking tent will be the best bet for you. Because of the light-weight, backpacking tents can be pricey than camping tents. So, decide what best for you.

Our chief focus here is on camping tents. The reason is backpackers usually don’t employ that many of their tents. They commonly use the tent for sleeping purposes. Plus, they keep their gear outside their camp. Reducing the tent size as much as possible is their preference.

Whereas families need more space, comfort, and they also prefer some gear inside their tent. That is why I advised you need some guidance when choosing the right-sized camping tent.

Reducing Standard Camping Tent Sizes For More Comfort

Camping Tent Sizes

Here comes the tricky part. Now, let’s say you are a family of four, two adults and two kids. And you buy a camping tent which is a four-person camping tent. Trust me. You will have a hard time fitting into that. Although it is a four-person camping tent, only an adult couple can fit in there comfortably. If you try to accommodate four people in there, it will be a tight fit. The best size for a family of four would be a six-person camping tent.

There is something I have personally experienced when choosing the perfect camping tent sizes. That is, you should reduce two from the rated capacity. For example, if the rated capacity is four-person, reduce two. Which means it’s perfect for two persons.

Here’s a quick brief.

Rated Capacity Ideal For
1P Camping Tent Usually comfortable for one person. Gear stored outside.
2P Camping Tent Capacious for one person. Too tight for two people. It can fit one wide sleeping pad.
3P Camping Tent Capacious for two people. It can fit two wide sleeping pads. Very tight for three average adults.
4P Camping Tent Luxurious for two adults with a pet or a small child. Have space for internal gear.
6P Camping Tent Ideal for a family of four. Can store gear of four people inside. Very tight for five or six people.
8P Camping Tent Comfortable for a family of six. Can store gear of four people inside.
10P Camping Tent Comfortable for a family of six. Can store gear of six people inside. It will be a tight fit for more than eight people.

Now you have an idea about downsizing a camping tent for maximum comfort. By following this downsizing method, you’ll be able to make your tent camping comfortable. Another way of checking the best camping tent sizes is by looking at the floor space. In general, 15 square feet floor capacity is considered the standard. 15 sq ft is a small area. An adult won’t be able to stand up or walk in such a space. This small tent would be enough when escaping critical weather conditions. Apart from that, you’ll feel no comfort there.

Choosing Best Camping Tent Size By Floor Area

camping tent size


15 sq ft is not enough per a family member when tent camping as they prefer to walk, stand, sleep, play, stretch, relax, and get dressed. Plus, you have to fit in your camping gear too. Then how much space do you need for all of that? I would say at least 25-30 sq ft per person. It will provide a comfortable, livable space for you. In a 30 sq ft area, you’ll be able to fit a sleeping bag, a mattress, and your necessary gear. Check out how you can make an excellent atmosphere with these tent camping set-up ideas.

Rated Capacity Ideal For Floor Capacity Floor Capacity Per Person
1P Camping Tent One person 20 square feet 20 square feet
2P Camping Tent One person 30 square feet 30 square feet
3P Camping Tent Two persons 40 square feet 20 square feet
4P Camping Tent Two persons 60-70 square feet 30 square feet
6P Camping Tent Four persons 90-100 square feet 25 square feet
8P Camping Tent Six persons 120-140 square feet 25 square feet
10P Camping Tent Six persons 150-180 square feet 25 square feet

So far, you know two ways to choose the best camping tent sizes according to your family size, by downsizing and by dividing the floor size. And the next thing that you should consider when buying a camping tent is the height. The bigger the tent’s size, the higher it will be. It is essential because it allows you to move around the tent comfortably.

For you to be able to sit comfortably, you’ll at least need 0.9m in height. If you kneel, you’ll need at least 1.2-1.5m in height. To be able to stand up, the preferable zenith will be at least 1.8m. If you want to wander around your tent freely without your head touching the roof, you’ll need at least 2.1m.

I hope that you have gained knowledge of various camping tent sizes and how to choose the perfect size for you. Follow these tips, and don’t forget to have a look at these tent camping must-haves to get the best out of your family camping venture!

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