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The Top 5 Mind-Blowing Tent Camping Games for Adults

You are not too old to engage in camping activities just because you are a grownup. This collection of the top 5 tent camping games for adults will make you feel like a kid all over again in no time!

This impressive list has something for every adult in your camping group, from mafia to stand up and shout.

It’s not going to be the end of the world if you spend a few days without a mobile phone. There are a variety of thrilling tent camping activities for adults.

Tent Camping Games for Adults

1. Guess the Song

Tent camping game Guess the Song

Guess the song is one of the classic tent camping games for adults for camping excursions with musical friends because it will entertain and amuse them. This game has been played for centuries. And there are as many disparities as there are players! Here’s one that’s easy to understand.

If you have a singer or a musician in your group, they should start playing their favorite song. The one who correctly picks the music first wins! Is there no one in your group who can play an instrument? Let the games begin by connecting someone’s phone to your portable speakers.

Even if you adore your obscure underground tunes, there’s a good possibility that no one else in your group has heard them.

The goal of this game is to play the music that the majority of people have heard before. If you’re tent camping with a large group, consider forming teams to have even more fun.

2. Truth or Dare


Tent Camping Truth or Dare Game

Even though this game is normally associated with children, it is widely regarded as one of the greatest tent camping games for adults. Adults can, however, have just as much fun! Just ask the old commanders and monarchs!

Truth or dare is thought to have been played for millennia as a command game for the powerful. They would pose a question to their subjects, and if the leaders did not believe the answer was correct, they would make them follow a dare.

We no longer have to be bothered about severe repercussions if we respond truthfully or daringly. As a result, be aware of who you’re speaking to. Offending someone, calling them out, or making others uncomfortable may quickly put a damper on a good day.

3. Charades

Tent Camping Game Charades

Charades is one of the most popular tent camping party ideas for adults. It is an engaging adult party game that can easily be adapted to camping activities for adults. This game can be played anywhere, anytime where there are four or more people and enough room. The players are split into two groups. Whoever is the first to go does a skit.

It could be the title of a film, the name of an animal, or anything else. The options are infinite! The rest of the group then tries to guess. The trick is that the actor can’t speak. They have to do everything. The side that wins a game is the one that has the most points at the end of the game.

Play this game in front of the campfire for a unique twist. The flames will cast some interesting shadows, allowing for some creative interpretations!

4. Stand up and Shout

Tent Camping Stand up and Shout

Another one of the best tent camping games for adults is stand up and shout. It’s a numbers game when you stand up and shout. Count the number of persons in your circle and keep track of it. It’s better if there’s a lot of it! Then, until everyone has shouted, each participant must cry out a number in a numerical sequence.

However, there are several rules that make it a little more complicated. Anyone can begin, but if two people say the same number at the same moment, they will both be eliminated from the game. To add to the frenzy of standing and shouting, the last person to yell out a number also loses.

This adult camping activity may be done in practically any place. Playing this energetic game in the sun, exploring the campsite, or trekking are all excellent options. However, it can be considerably more difficult at night when you’re around a campfire.

5. Werewolves

Tent Camping Game Werewolves

Last but not least, werewolves, one of the best camping games for adults that can be enjoyed without any age limitation. Basically, you’ll need at least 9 players for this game.

Even while the game’s rules appear to be complex at first, they are actually quite simple to learn. Everyone sits in a circle to play this tent camping game. The game has one leader. Everyone closes their eyes, and the leader will place his hand on the heads of two persons. They are the werewolves, as you may have guessed. The two werewolves close their eyes after seeing each other.

The leader then selects an informant. Informant opens his eyes. The two werewolves raise their hands in the air to identify themselves to the informant, but they have no idea who the informant is. The others are villagers.

The two werewolves can kill a villager when everyone is asleep. As soon as everyone wakes up, the leader tells them one of their friends has died. After that, the villagers must debate and try to figure out who the werewolves really are. So long as the werewolves don’t figure out who the informant is, they can help.

Once the villagers have determined who they believe killed the individual, that person exposes whether he is a werewolf or whether they have murdered their own villager. Everyone then closes their eyes, allowing the werewolves to choose another victim to kill. And so forth. This is a fun tent camping game for adults with a lot of strategies. When both werewolves are dead, the game is over.

Check out this video to get more idea about this awesome game – How to play Werewolves

Is there no cell phone coverage? It will no longer be dull to go a few evenings without it. These tent camping ideas for adults will make it worthwhile to put down your phones. A remarkable experience or a forgettable journey could be the difference.

The more you and your crew become closer as you learn to live in the present and get to know one another, the more fun you will have. If you want to find out more camping games, I’ve got you covered at my Family Camping Games article, where you’ll find 15 amazing tent camping activities for adults and children alike.

So put your phones down and spend some time trying these tent camping ideas for adults with your friends!

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