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Family Camping Games | 15 Super Fun And Exciting Camping Games

Camping is a recreational way to spend your vacation with your loved ones. You’ll have plenty of time to spare with your family, but how can you fill those hours with something fun and exciting? Why not try out some family camping games that allow you to reconnect with your family. Put away your mobile phones


while you are camping because camping is a one in a million chance that can provide you with a quality experience like good old days. Give your kids an uninterrupted fun while letting them learn new skills and being silly together.

Family camping games are designed for your whole family despite your age. There’s no age limit for having fun and staying active. Nowadays, kids think that playing online games and scrolling through social media is fun. Therefore planning a camping trip with your family is the best thing you can do for your family. Leave your iPhones and iPads at home, you don’t need them at the camping site, because you won’t have a single second to even to look at them once you start playing family camping games.

Family camping games are indeed fun. Also, they will keep your kids entertained while allowing them to learn something about nature, about being with family or about survival. Not only family camping games your kids will also engage in activities like putting up a tent, starting a fire, or even cooking a meal. By all these family camping games and new activities, your family will reward with pleasant memories, endless fun and knowledge, and more importantly, a stronger family bond between one another.

Benefits Of Family Camping Games

As mentioned before the foremost benefit of family camping games is being able to strengthen up the bond between your family than ever. Being able to work together, solve problems together, being able to communicate better and express your ideas, and learning to respect each other will promote a stronger bond without even knowing.

Another advantage of family camping games is that kids will gain self-confidence by learning new skills. They will learn how to work as a team as well as individually.

When playing games, they will wander around the camping site and with the breathtaking views of nature, they will start to appreciate nature, and in turn, they will protect it.

Some family camping games are designed to increase problem-solving skills. Studies have shown that outdoors improves health, both physically and mentally.

Kids will be exposed to new challenges through camping games, and it will help them to take challenges in life and to enhance their self-esteem. No matter they succeed or not, you have to teach them that it is worth trying, and they should be proud of themselves.

Now you have an idea about the importance and benefits of doing family camping games while camping, let’s have a look at what camping games you can play as a family. I have listed down the best and most exciting camping games that you and your kids will love.

Best Family Camping Games

Bean Bag Toss is a classic family camping game that everyone can enjoy. To play Bean Bag Toss, you will need a corn-hole board, if not you can have either a bucket as well. You can customize this game if you want to. This game is played with either two players or four players. Take two different coloured bags filled with dried beans for the two teams or the players.


Place the corn-hole boards or the buckets 27ft away from each other. Place two marks depending on the skill level in a straight line with the corn-hole board, and that is where the players should stand. Players must stay on the mark and have to throw the bean bags to the opposite holes. Each team will have eight bean bags, and depending on how many bean bags were thrown into the holes; points will be earned. Have Fun!

02. Bocce Ball


This game is also called bocci or boccie and is super fun and easy family camping game for you to enjoy while camping. You need eight balls, typically four balls in green and the other 4 in red. And you also need a small ball as well. The smaller ball is called Jack or Pallino. This camping game requires two teams, with two, three, or four players each.



Flip a coin and randomly pick a team to throw the Jack. Once you select a team, that team needs to throw the Jack into a prescribed zone. After that, the team who won the toss should throw the Bocce ball as closest to the Jack. After every player has thrown the Bocce ball, the next team gets to throw the Bocce ball. In the end, each team’s scores are calculated by measuring the distance to the Jack, and the team with the highest score wins. You’ll have endless fun playing this camping game with your family.


03. Scavenger Hunts


Scavenger Hunts is another one of the top family camping games that can have unlimited fun despite the age. To play this game, you have to find a safe place with a lot of hiding spots in your camping ground. Then you can come up with a nice theme like the treasure hunt. Then hide the items to be found and give the players clues about the hidden objects.




Make a list of the items that are hidden and the team that finds more will win the game. Scavenger Hunts is an excellent game to improve team-work. You can add slight changes to this camping game and have fun in your own way!

04. Hacky Sack


Hacky Sack is also known as the Footbag, and this is an active camping game and surely deserves a place in our family camping games list. This camping game can be played individually or as a group. You can play this game with a ball or a sack, make sure to keep it in the air by kicking it with your feet and do not let it touch the ground.

05. Shadow Puppets

Not only in the daytime, but you can also fill your nights filled with laughter by playing camping games. Shadow Puppets is a great game to play at nighttime with your family while camping. This family camping game only needs a light flame. Cast the light flame onto a surface like the sides of your tent, and start making shadow puppets and let others guess the puppet. You can have loads of fun playing this game.

06. Noah’s Ark Memory Game

This camping game is easier to play and is good for your kid’s memory, and it can enhance their vocabulary. To play this game your family can gather around, and to start the first person has to say “Into Noah’s Ark went (an animal starting with the letter A)”. and the next person has to say “Into Noah’s Ark went (an animal starting with the letter B)”. So on you have to continue till you reach the letter Z.

This game gives your kids fun and helps to brainstorm them while improving their knowledge. So don’t forget to play this awesome family game while you are camping.

07. Speakout Game

This camping game is ridiculously fun and is another one of the best family camping games that you can play as a family at your camping site. To play this game first, you have to write down some phrases in a bunch of papers such as “eat potato chips on a bus”, “wet brown paper bags”, or “I bleached my bloomers”. Put those papers in a jar and let each player pick one from it.

The player has to put something big in their mouth that won’t let them close their mouth like a mouthpiece and has to say the phrase out loud. The fun begins when they try to say the phrases. This game brings out so much laughter and joy and is ideal as a family camping game.


08. Fire Tender


It is worth adding Fire Tender to our family camping games list. This is a multiplayer outdoor game ideal for your camping site. It is a bit more like the game hide and seek. One player sits blindfolded in the middle, and there are twigs, sticks, and branches placed around him. He is the fire tender.

Other players have to sneak close to him and try to grab those from the fire tender without hearing or getting caught. The one who gets caught will be the next fire tender. Playing these will give you a fantastic camping experience.

09. Two Truths And A Lie

This is an ice-breaker game that needs no materials. When you are camping if you get tired by playing active camping games, you can play this family camping game while relaxing. Everyone can get to know better by playing such games, and this game surely deserves a place in our family camping games list.

It doesn’t matter how many players are in this game. Like the name itself, each person will have to introduce themselves by saying two truths and a lie. The rest

of the group members have to guess which two are the truth and which one is the lie. Once you get started, it will be fun for sure. You can say statements like, “I love horror movies”, “I am color blind”, I can play the guitar” etc.

10. Charades


One of the all-time favorite family camping games is the Charades. To play this game, split your camping family into teams and go against each other. Before starting the game, write down some suggestions of words or phrases on pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. The aim is to act out the word that you pick from the bowl, and the rest of the players have to guess the word.

Silly acts will fill the hours in the camping site with joy and amusement. Go and have fun playing charades with your family; it’ll help to make the bond between your family even stronger.

11. Forehead Detective


Add this to your family camping games list because it sure is funny as hell. If there are more than five members on your camping site, this will be a crowd-pleaser. In this game, each player gets a chance to stand in front of the group members, and there will be a note on his or her forehead with the name of something like a name of a celebrity.

You can ask your team members up to 20 questions, and they can only say “yes” or “no”. You have to guess what is written on your forehead. This camping game is full of fun and worth trying.

12. Simon Says

This game is quite popular and ideal for playing at a camping site. This is another suggestion for the family camping games list. To play this game, you have to pick a leader, and the rest of the players must gather around him to follow the commands.

“Simon” then will give the other players commands with the statement, “Simon says…”. All of the players must then do what Simon says. In sometimes Simon will give the players commands without saying it with “Simon says…”. And if a player who follows that command is out, and the game continues until only one player is left, and that player wins the game.

13. Air Pong

With being listed in our family camping games list, this game requires functional lung capacity. You can divide into groups and go against each other. To play this game, you’ll need a table and a ping pong ball. You have to place the ping pong ball in the middle of the table, and the teams must be on the opposite side.

Once the game starts each team should blow on the ping pong ball and try to make it fall from the edge of the other team’s side of the table. When you are going camping don’t forget to pack a table and ping pong ball.

14. Airplane


This is also a great camping game that mainly focuses on the cooperation of the members. To play this game, you have to select two members, one acting as the “airplane” and the other as the “air traffic controller.”

Blindfold the “airplane” and place a few objects around him. The “air traffic controller” has to give instructions to the “airplane” and guide to the “airport” without hitting the objects and crashing.

15. Sleeping Bag Race

Last but not least, the final camping game in our family camping games list is the Sleeping Bag Race. When you go camping you take sleeping bags with you, that

is the only material needed for this game. This game is super fun and competitive. Draw a starting point and a finishing point at your camping site. Competitors must stand in their sleeping bags at the starting line.

Instead of running, in this game you have to hop forward in the bag and whoever reaches the finishing line first wins the game.

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