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Best Family Camping Tents with Rooms | Ultimate 2, 3, and 4 Person Camping Guide

Are you having a hard time looking for the best family camping tents with rooms? Let me share my thoughts that I know from experience with you.

Family camping is an exceptional getaway to a whole new adventure that will make the relationships closer to each other. Some may have had this experience before, and some may plan on having one. If you have, you may know how good it feels to go tent camping with your family. If you haven’t gone tent camping with your loved ones, I highly encourage you to do so. The memories you make, the experiences you share will last a lifetime.

The key intention here is to assist you in finding the best family camping tents with rooms that suit your family. I believe that having separate rooms when camping with a family is great. I prefer to have rooms because you can use them as living rooms or bedrooms.

Why Having Rooms in a Camping Tent a Thing?

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Well, the biggest and the most important thing is privacy. When you have multiple rooms, you will be able to sleep separately. Plus, you can have private conversations, and it is also perfect to have a break if you need to. You can organize your camping tent with rooms to get the best out of it. Another thing is cost-efficiency. Instead of buying one-person camping tents, you can buy one tent that has multiple rooms. Of course, these multiple-room camping tents are relatively heavier than regular camping tents. But it is worth it. You can buy camping tents that have fixed room dividers, or you can get camping tents that have removable room dividers.

The tents that accompany multiple rooms allow flexibleness to use. You can also assign one room to store your gear and keep them protected. Tents with rooms are more spacious than those who have one room. Regardless of the number of people you are accompanying, tents with multiple rooms provide enough space to accommodate them and your stuff. Aside from that, these tents have good ample headroom to perform all the standing motions with ease. With family camping tents with rooms, you will not have to worry about running out of space. You can keep your things organized in your living area without any mess.

How Much Privacy Can you Expect From Family Camping Tents With Rooms?Family Camping Tents

Do not expect complete privacy from multi-room tents. Room dividers are relatively thin, so you can hear each other when talking at max volume unless your camping tent is incredibly extensive. But still, a room divider can give moderate solace to privacy treasuring campers. You can murmur to your partner, so your companions or children can’t hear you. You can relish cuddling without prying eyes. Those who prefer to camp alone can go for an easy pop-up camping tent.

Camping Tents with Fixed Room Dividers OR Removable Room Dividers

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It is utterly up to your preference. If you prefer to have fixed room dividers, you can get one that has, or if you wish to have removable room dividers, purchase one with removable room dividers.

Camping tents with fixed room dividers provide more privacy and creates a cabin-like vibe. But, you have to bear in mind that camping tents with attached room dividers could be trickier to pitch. Whereas camping tents that have removable room dividers do not cause this trouble. With removable rooms dividers, you can make your camping tent more spacious whenever you want to. You can remove the partitions and create one area to connect and be with your family, hanging out and having fun.

Connecting Room Dividers In Your Camping Tent

Connecting room dividers depends on the sort of multi-room tent you have got. Sometimes the space dividers will zip into the camping tent ceiling or walls. Sometimes they are attached beforehand. You can install divider panels through the center by inserting toggles through the top and bottom fabric loops.

Read the instructions that come with the camping tent carefully, and look for zippers, velcro, and buttons around the inner tent walls if the instructions do not mention anything.

What to Consider When Buying Family Camping Tents with Rooms

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Shape & Space

The first thing that you would wish to think about is the space. You will pick depending on your purpose or how you are getting to put your tent to use. Also, consider how many people you are going to accompany. Ask yourself if there are people that will need their privacy? Also, take a glance at the various shapes of those tents. You can choose between dome tents or tunnels. Most large tents have either an oblong or square shape. Concentrate on the slope of the edges. Tents with more vertical walls usually have an increased amount of room inside.

Size & Weight

Packing the right-sized tent can make or ruin your family camping trip. Generally, you will need a tent built for about two more people than the number of people that actually camp. For instance, a family of 4 will feel the foremost comfortable within a six-person tent.

Your sleeping style and the sort of gear you pack will also make a difference. If you are going to your campsite by car, weight is not any longer a problem. Well, this is often subjective and supported by your personal decision. Click here if you need an in-depth guide on choosing the best camping tent size for you.


Since you are buying a family-sized camping tent, it is better to get something practical to use. Camping tents that are tall within will allow you to move around and alter clothes comfortably inside. I suggest ensuring the peak height of any tent you get for families be a minimum of six feet. Such a peak allows most adults to face upright easily.


Be sure to find yourself a stable, durable tent that holds up well against the heavy rainfall and howling wind. We do not want to see our camping tent collapse due to unpredicted rain. Nowadays, the best tents have fabric that is immune to water also as wind. Also, the material is breathable, which suggests air circulation inside the tent is improved.

Tent Material

Tent material is arguably the foremost important aspect of the tent. Many popular tents are made from polyester or nylon with a polyethylene base.

Polyester is lightweight, durable, and water-resistant. In some ways, polyester is analogous to nylon. However, it resists UV rays much better.

If you are trying to find strength, choose a tent made up of rip-stop nylon. Additional fabric is woven into the nylon to prevent tears. When it comes to Polyethylene, almost no tents are made up of 100% polyethylene. However, this material is used to enhance the waterproofing abilities of a tent. Canvas is a classic material that is not used often for contemporary tents because it is too heavy.

family camping tents with rooms

Getting a family camping tent with rooms is clearly well deserving the investment. These tents will totally redefine your camping experience and make it even more comfortable to enjoy each and every moment. From space to privacy, these tents are designed to supply equally comfort, and you will be assured of carrying and keeping your things well organized. As far as privacy cares, these tents take a foothold over the remainder of the tents.

Plus, a family camping tent with rooms will give your camping trip a whole new meaning. If you are traveling together with your kids, your kids will have their own space. These tents also accompany a porch where you will hang around together with your friends and witness the good outdoor views.

I hope that this guide answered all your doubts regarding family camping tents with rooms, and what things to look for in one. Have fun on your next family camping trip. Stay safe! Travel More!

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