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Awesome Tent Camping Setup Ideas | 5 Best Setups

Here we have listed super cool tent camping setup ideas that can make you feel like home. As different people have different tastes, there will be something in here for everybody. These tent camping setup ideas will help you to find what is

best for you. There are various types of camping methods. Tent camping, Canoe camping, RV and van camping, Survivalist camping, and Backpacking are some of them. Among these camping methods, Tent camping is the oldest and the basic form of camping.

You can choose some spot on a beach, in the woods or in a national park campsite, to go tent camping. Tent camping can strengthen your family bond and is ideal for team building as there are a lot of family camping games, exploring nature, and many more things to do.

Before looking into tent camping setup ideas, you have to have an idea of where to pitch a tent.

Where to Pitch a Tent When Tent Camping

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Picking a nice spot is the most important thing before moving into tent camping ideas because it affects the comfort level and overall safety of your stay at the campsite. Always try to go for a flat ground without rocks or roots. Avoid hill areas when pitching.

When tent camping with little kids, spots that are too close to lakes or any other water source could be dangerous, also, mosquitoes and other insects near the water areas will be on your case. Therefore, it is not advisable to do so.

Pitching a tent under a shade of a tree may seem like a great tent camping setup idea, but when it rains, the grass will be muddy because of the continuous dripping of the branches.

Pitching near public areas like restrooms, kids’ playgrounds can affect your peaceful environment.

When tent camping, try to maintain a good distance from your fellow neighboring campers.

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5 Best Tent Camping Setup Ideas

These tent camping setup ideas will provide you with a hint on how to set up the perfect budget-friendly camping setup that suits you. You can customize the below setups according to how long you are going to stay plus how many people are going to stay in your camp with you, where you are going to camp including how much money you have to spare.


01. Tent Only Camping Setup

Although this tent camping setup only needs a tent, there are several tents that you can choose from. You have to consider about the camping tent capacity because there may be few campers with you, and they have to fit in and sleep comfortably.

Tip – If there are two people for camping, buy a tent that is recommended for three people. That way is it more comfortable to move around.

Also keep in mind to look for tent doors, tent windows, rainfly, vestibule, tent poles, ventilation, interior pockets, and hooks. Given below are the types of tents that you can choose as camping setup when tent camping.

  • Dome Tent– These tents are lighter than the other tents and possess a decent amount of headroom and also very easy to pitch. Cons are it doesn’t have a vestibule, tend to catch the wind, and there are limited sizes.
  • A-frame or Wedged Tent– These are also easy to pitch and come in all sizes and very stable. Cons are it doesn’t have headroom and heavy.
  • Multi-Room Tent– This camping tent is very spacious and has multiple rooms. But this camping setup can be very challenging and dense. This camping tent is not ideal for high winds as it is unstable.
  • Backpacking Tent– This camping tent has fewer poles, limited mesh panels, and small in packed size. The cons of this camping tent are limited capacity, low ceiling, and comes in small sizes.
  • Geodesic and Semi-Geodesic Tent – These camping tents are incredibly stable, self-supporting, and have adequate headspace. On the other hand, they have a sizeable packed size, can be very challenging to pitch, and come in limited sizes.
  • Pop Up Tent– These camping tents are super easy to set up, have no poles, and packed in small sizes, but they are not stable and cannot handle the wind. It is not recommended for extended camping.
  • Tunnel Tent– This camping tent has an identical pole length with an excellent space to weight ratio and is light weighted. But these can be saggy in the middle, and can’t stand the wind. You have to pitch this camping tent properly.
  • Inflatable Tent– This is a one-person setup with no metal poles. Easy to inflate. The cons are they can be more substantial than other camping tents and require an air pump. They come in small sizes.
  • TeePee Tent– This camping tent has one pole and a high ceiling. It is easy to pitch. The cons are flooring is not included always and heavy.

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02. Tent, Gazebo for Shelter, plus Table & Chairs Camping Setup

This is the second camping setup in our tent camping setup ideas list. This camping setup needs a tent, gazebo for shelter plus table and chairs. As you are aware of the types of tents, let’s have a look at the gazebo. Gazebos can be standing freely or attached to a wall, has a roof, and open on all sides.

They provide shade, shelter, and a place to rest. They are stylish and offer plenty of space and shade for your family and friends. You can choose the best size as per your requirement as they come in all sizes.

The other things you need to have in this camping setup are the table and the chairs. There are plenty of foldable tables and chairs that are light weighted and easy to carry.

03. Gazebo, Swags & Chairs Camping Setup

Another one in our tent camping setup ideas list is to have a gazebo, swags, plus some chairs. This is another best tent camping setup idea in our tent camping setup ideas list. As you already know about gazebo and chairs, let’s see what swags are. Swag is a portable shelter used for camping and outdoor sleeping.

Swags are extremely easy to set up and pack. No extra bedding is needed since it a sleeping bag. They are warmer than camping tents. They are generally smaller, which can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the number of people that are camping.

04. Swags and Chairs Only Camping Setup

This camping setup idea only requires swags and chairs. If you are looking for comfortable camping setup on a budget, this camping setup can be the one for you. The lesser the people are, the lesser the camping gear needed.

05. Tent, Tarp, and cots Camping Setup

The last tent camping setup idea in our tent camping setup ideas list requires a tent, a tarp plus a cot. Tarps are usually in square, rectangular or hex cut pieces of fabric with tie-out points. You can you a tarp with a tent or instead of a tent depending on your choice.

Tarps are easy to fold and won’t take so much space. They can be a cover in the rain, shelter from the wind or shade from the summer sun. Tarps are cheaper than tents, and they weigh less. You can use a tent for sleeping and a tarp for all your other activities.

You can add a camping cot to your tent camping setup idea, and it will get you off the hard ground on to a smooth surface.

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Above tent camping setup ideas can be adjusted to your requirement. Be creative and come up with an excellent tent camping setup that will make you comfortable while enjoying your tent camping experience without having any worries.

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