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20+ Fun Things to Do in A Small Town

You can find many fun things to do in a small town without the hustle and bustle as in big cities that are jam-packed with people. If you live in a small town and are looking for inexpensive entertainment options, you have probably become weary of the standard recommendations of visiting museums and attending free community events.

Entertainment can be obtained for little or no cost in small towns, and while the selection may be limited compared to that in major cities, there is still plenty to do. The time may come when we have to use our imaginations. Here are the low-cost or no-cost fun things to do in a small town.

Eat At Well-Known Cafes

Exploring local eateries is one of the fun things to do in a small town. Every town has a particular eatery that residents recommend to visitors. See why everyone is talking about the best steakhouse, the most popular BBQ joint, or the most popular diner by polling the locals.

After you’ve sampled all the local favorites, it’s time to explore the town’s other hidden gems, such as its lesser-known eateries. Don’t stress how fantastic they are; part of the fun of exploring a new place has both amazing and awful encounters.

Visit A Local Sanctuary or Zoo

Visit A Local Sanctuary or Zoo

Families with kids who are looking for fun things to do in a small town can’t go wrong with this activity. There is something special about each and every zoo that makes them unique from the others. Although smaller than those in major cities, the enthusiasm and excitement for animals are just as strong.

To get the most up-close and personal look at animals, zoos are the best option. Similarly, sanctuaries are wonderful places to visit if you want to aid animals in need. Not every day do you learn about and observe animals of different sizes in their natural habitats, so take advantage of the opportunity by visiting a zoo.

Take In a Farmer’s Market

Among the best things to do in a small town, there are several good reasons to visit your local farmer’s market. When you combine the excitement of the town’s residents with the thrill of the fresh produce, you have a very thrilling experience. Fresh, flavorful fruits and vegetables are abundant for those who prefer them.

Fruits in season and so ripe for purchase are always a delicious choice. Buying from local farmers not only helps the farmers themselves but also helps the environment by reducing the need for packing and transportation.

Even better, you’re providing your body with the proper fuel by eliminating processed foods.

Gather In the Town Park

Gather In the Town Park

Even if you’ve visited dozens of urban parks, a town park will likely present an experience unlike any other, which is why it should be on your list of fun things to do in a small town. All ages, including adults, will have a great time. The local park is perfect for getting some fresh air, running, or walking Fido.

As a bonus, it’s the ideal setting for mingling with locals. If you spend every day of the week at the park, you’ll soon realize that you’ve met and learned about virtually everyone who lives there.

Attend A Nearby Music Festival

We haven’t forgotten about the music lovers when compiling this list of fun things to do in a small town. A music festival is an absolute necessity for any music lover. Keep an eye on community calendars; you never know when you could stumble into a music festival.

Explore the local music scene and give yourself over to the sounds of the region. Enjoy yourself by singing and dancing the night away. Is it possible that we overlooked the festival’s delicious fare and refreshing beverages? The atmosphere can’t be beaten when you add delicious cuisine and stimulating music.

Visit A Fun Park or County Fair

Bring out your inner child and enjoy yourself at a local carnival or amusement park. It’s not quite Disneyland, but it’s still a tried-and-true method for entertaining the kids. Also, the prices are far lower than those at major amusement parks. These local amusement parks shouldn’t be overlooked when looking for fun things to do in a small town, as they often provide memorable experiences.

Summer is the perfect time to check out a county fair when amusement parks aren’t in the cards. It’s the talk of the town and a chance to support local farmers and merchants while also having a relaxed and enjoyable day.

Visit A Water Park

Visit A Water Park

The local water park is the place to be if you appreciate the water because it has swimming pools, huge slides, and splash pads. During the sweltering summer months, people flock to these water parks. Families and children are common sights at water parks.

Sunbathing on a lounger is a great alternative to swimming if you’d still like to come along. Put on some tunes, get a good book, and relax to the sound of the river. Isn’t that one of the best things to do in a small town?

Here is a quick guide about how to enjoy a visit to a water park.

Explore Downtown and New Areas

Charming small towns tend to flourish in their historic downtown areas. As you explore, you’ll notice that each structure has its unique style, making this outing feel like a stroll through time.

Many different kinds of companies, both large and small, contribute to the vitality of the downtown area. It’s right in the middle of everything, close to where all the businesses and institutions are. Although it may appear busy at first, the downtown area is typically peaceful and filled with local color. So, you should definitely consider adding this activity to your list of fun things to do in a small town.

Take A Hike and See the View

Take A Hike and See the View

This is one of the best things to do in a small town for adventure lovers. Hiking routes with unmatched beauty may be found all over the countryside near many small towns because of the residents’ delight in their natural surroundings. Whether you go for a stroll or a strenuous hike, it’s a beautiful trip.

Some paths can be explored on foot or by bike. But before venturing out into the wild, it’s smart to learn what kinds of animals live there and what precautions to take around them.

Navigate to Nearby, Larger Towns

If you feel like you’ve seen everything there is to see in your tiny town, why not take a road trip to a larger city and see what more you can find? Grab some friends or family and hit the road for a weekend break.

Each city will surprise you with amazing sights and exciting things to do that you won’t find anywhere else. Find out what’s happening in the cities you’ll be visiting beforehand, so you know what to expect, or go with the flow, get the scoop from the locals, or see everything you can.

Enjoy The Golden Hours of Sunrise and Sunset

Start the day with breathtaking views by rising before sunrise, and cap it off with a stunning sunset. This is one of the most popular things to do in a small town as the golden hour is a perfect opportunity to stop what you’re doing and take in your surroundings.

The greatest approach to being ready for the day and reflecting on what you’ve accomplished thus far is to immerse yourself in a calm moment, whether watching the horizon from afar or the golden hues from your porch with a cup of coffee.

Fun Things To Do in A Small Town as A Teenager

Gather Your Friends for A Sleepover

Gather Your Friends for A Sleepover

If you are looking for things to do in a small town for teenagers, we’ve got you covered on that too. Having a sleepover with your friends is a wonderful opportunity to relive the fun times of your youth. If you live in a small town, a sleepover with your best friends is a great way to spend a fun night and offer your child a taste of freedom.

Prepare for a weekend sleepover by stocking up on snacks, pajamas, and movies to watch in bulk. For those who feel they have outgrown sleepovers, backyard camping or a trip to the nearest campground are always options.

Engage In the Sports You Enjoy Or Try Something New

Sports arenas, fields, and gymnasiums can be found in virtually every city. Participate in the local community by playing a game you enjoy, baseball or golf. Anyone interested in sports can go to a game or join a club to improve their skills.

When schools compete in a sporting event, fans fill the streets to show their support for their favorite team. Sports provide an excellent environment to learn the importance of working together and being a good sport to others. There are sports training centers across town that you can visit if you wish to learn a new sport for enjoyment. Plus, no list of things to do in a small town for teenagers won’t be completed without trying out something new.

Get A Taste of The Local Food at Trendy Food Trucks

Get A Taste of The Local Food at Trendy Food Trucks

Here’s one of the fun things to do in a small town if you are a foodie. If there are food trucks in your area, don’t miss the opportunity to eat delicious dishes from around the world. As most food trucks are owned and operated by passionate home cooks eager to share their creations with the world, you can anticipate a global menu.

By patronizing mobile eateries, you may help the local economy and provide for the families of the workers. Here’s a tip: go to different food trucks at different times because the food they serve varies frequently. The best part about visiting a food truck is discovering new and exciting cuisines.

It’s possible that the menu may change every week, allowing you to sample new dishes.

Attend A Concert

In some ways, concerts are like music festivals but typically only last for one day and feature a single band. You should try something new if you find yourself in a place where a big band is performing.

Some concerts are put on to raise money for good causes, and if you feel so inclined, it won’t harm to buy a ticket.

Enjoy A Delicious Meal Outdoors During a Picnic

Leave the malls and enjoy a picnic in the park if the weather is fine. Get your picnic blanket and locate the best area in the park. Right now, it is ideal for going outside and taking in the sights.

If the sun gets too hot, shade yourself under an umbrella and enjoy some of your tasty goodies. You may meet other families and have a picnic with them. Having a picnic with loved ones is a wonderful way to relax and unwind after a hectic week.

Visit Thrift Stores

Visit Thrift Stores

Unique and interesting goods can often be found in thrift stores. Visit the local thrift store to check if they have any cool used instruments or antique furniture.

Small-town thrift stores have less competition, more unique treasures, and far lower costs than their metropolitan counterparts; if you’re planning a trip to a small town or currently live there, you shouldn’t miss out on them. The wealth of information available would astound you.

Fun Things To Do in A Small Town at Night

Go Out into The Wilderness and Set Up a Campfire

Nyctophiles will find some of the most fun things to do in a small town at night here. Tent camping is the best way to get back to nature. Check out local campgrounds, backyards, and even glamping spots to discover what kind of camping experience you can have. If you are interested in tent camping then you are probably worried about tent sizes, so here is a detailed article on camping tent sizes.

Cook up some traditional s’mores and play some guitar around the campfire. Create an eerie atmosphere by sharing ghost tales around the fire.

If you’re going to camp in the mountains, do so only in a designated area. Make a list of everything you’ll need to camp and check it again to ensure you don’t forget anything.

Go Lake Skinny Dipping or Swimming at Night

Swimming at Night

This peaceful night would be ideal for a dip in the pool. Taking a dip in the pool at night under the stars might have a relaxing effect. You can also go swimming without worrying about overexposure to the sun.

There’s also the option of going skinny dipping if you’re daring. You’ve probably seen movies like this and wondered what swimming in the dark, freezing lake would be like. If you want to experience this for yourself (but make sure it’s legal and safe to do so), you can do so by finding a lake in the area.

Enjoy Stargazing

Without a doubt stargazing is one of the fun things to do in a small town at night. The best approach to satisfy a craving for space and the stars is to go stargazing and sleep outside. The tranquility of the night sky has a calming effect on the mind and the body. Look at the stars when camping, strolling through a park, or stargazing from your own garden.

The stars and constellations can be studied, and the moon and planets can be observed up close (if you have one). Some nights, you might be lucky enough to see a falling star.

Witness The Spectacular Explosion of Fireworks

Explosion of Fireworks

Fireworks are a staple at any major celebration, whether Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve. Most locals will hold their celebrations outside, where they can enjoy the weather while cooking up a feast, toasting with friends, and watching the fireworks from their lawn chairs.

Knowing the local rules before firing off your own fireworks is important, as some municipalities have banned them for environmental reasons. Fireworks viewing opportunities can be found anywhere in a city, from bar rooftops to nearby hills.

Final Thoughts About Fun Things to Do in A Small Town

The cost of having fun in a small town doesn’t have to skyrocket just because there are more options available. Just by this post, you’ve already found plenty of things to do in a small town. You even found a plenty to do in a small town just by this post. These ingenious and low-cost alternatives can provide just as much fun as going out in a major city. Although they may not appear as impressive, they can be just as entertaining.

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