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7 Best Tips For Camping In The Rain | Tried & Tested

Is the weather going to be rainy when you go camping? Knowing these amazing tips for camping in the rain can save your long-awaited camping trip from ruin. Having to go camping in the rain might spoil a fantastic camping experience if you are unprepared for it.

Wet clothing, water in your tent, and unlit flames will leave you with a chilly longing to return home and never return. But sometimes, you can turn a miserable and wet camping trip into a beautiful experience you’ll always remember.

Some of the most memorable moments occur on the rainiest days. Allow the rain not to ruin your camping excursion. It is a lot of fun to camp in the rain and take in all the experiences and all the facets of nature. Here are some tips for camping in the rain to be happy and comfortable in the rain.

Check the weather.

Make sure to double-check the weather prediction before setting out on a camping trip. If you check the weather and notice that it’s expected to rain, you may make the right preparations to be prepared. Checking the weather before your journey lets you know what to anticipate and what you should carry.

Choose the right campsite.


A suitable place must be identified as an important first step after arriving at the campsite. While setting up camp near the lake may be tempting, it is best to seek higher ground. Considering that water flows downhill, it is best and safest to put your tent on a hilltop.

However, because puddles are more difficult to develop on slanted ground, flat ground is preferable for sleeping and balancing your gear. A gently sloping surface is great for puddle prevention. 

Wear the right clothes for camping in the rain.

camping clothes raining

With the right clothing, you can keep your body temperature in check while camping by wicking moisture away from your skin while you’re moving but keeping your body heat in when it gets cold. Under a waterproof jacket or rain poncho, you can choose a polyester or wool base and mid-layers.

Pack an additional set of base layers and wool socks in a waterproof bag for chilling out back at camp, where you’ll want to change into dry clothing and warm up with a cup of something hot. Not only that, you can use a bivy bag to stay warm when the ground is wet and cold. 

Bring items that do not require cooking in the rain.

camping cooking item list

It’s fantastic to eat hot camp foods. But, if it’s raining heavily, a hot lunch is most likely off the menu. Store your stove, fuel, and cooking utensils in one place. However, if cooking outside is impossible due to extreme weather or high winds, you can pack food in waterproof bags portioned out for each meal. For that, you can use fewer bags to open and close.

You can bring games and plan indoor activities for camping in the rain.

indoor camping games

While camping in the rain may seem like an unfortunate situation, the fact is that it’s an excellent opportunity to be creative. Creating memorable memories with your family can be a lot of fun when you spend time doing nostalgic and entertaining family camping games.

Additionally, reading is an excellent way to pass the time. Whatever you decide, ensure that activities are arranged, particularly for children. As all parents know, younger children may become bored quickly, and sitting in a tent with a bored child will not be much fun. 

Take a waterproof tent.

Having a waterproof tent is vital for making sure that your camping vacation in rainy weather is as comfortable as possible. It’s important to weatherproof your polycotton tent before camping in the rain.

It may be accomplished by leaving it outside in the rain or by spraying it with a hose and allowing it to dry. You can ensure that the threads in the seams are fully stretched to keep the rain out when you need to camp inside the tent.

Bring a rug for your tent entry.

If you’re bringing a mat or an old towel, place it on the inside of the tent’s doorway. You’ll want to clean off any water or dirt that gets on your shoes and keep the area clean as well. Maintaining the cleanliness and dryness of your tent’s inside is made much easier with this entrance map.

If your tent features an awning over the entrance, it may be advisable to bring an additional rug outside the tent. This will enable you to keep the mud and water away from your tent.

Checklist for camping in the rain

camping checklist

  1. Waterproof tent
  2. Tarps
  3. Plastic bags
  4. Umbrella
  5. Waterproof gear
  6. Packaged foods
  7. Groundsheets
  8. Rain Panchos
  9. First aid kit
  10. Camping hatchet
  11. Quick dry towels
  12. Pack a variety of entertainment options, including books and board games.
  13. Sleeping bag
  14. Tent repair kit

Having read everything, you should now be fully prepared for your vacation. Even though camping is intended for relaxation and enjoyment, it is necessary to plan ahead of time. The tips for camping in the rain provided here will assist you in having a fantastic vacation!

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