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Welcome to my blog Daylifetravel. My passion for travelling started at a very young age, when me and my family went out for camping on vacation. Thanks to my family I’ve become a wanderluster and a nature lover. Traveling is the best way to spend your leisure time while having fun and exciting adventures. In my opinion it is very important for us to have a break from our busy life-style. What is the purpose of having everything except our inner balance and happiness. There is a great big world out there where you can explore so much things by your own or as a family. If you are a traveller you are indeed a humble person, the reason is that you have been to many places, you have seen how other people live, what their cultures are, how they look, their beliefs. With all that you’ll gain new inspirations and perspectives which makes you a humble and a understandable human being.

By travelling you’ll live your life to the fullest, by discovering new things, by meetings new people, by being with nature and by doing new activities. When browsing the internet, I saw that there are very little blogs about National Parks and Campgrounds. Therefore I decided to start Daylife travel, to help you to find interesting National Parks and Campgrounds around the world. I have also provided you articles on Camping and everything you need to know about travelling.

Is This The Right Blog For You?

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My aim is to encourage people to explore new things, gain new experiences, to be able to have a quality time with friends and family, to take challenges and to have a better life. We have so little time in this life, why wasting it while there is so much out there in this world. Don’t you love to have following things?

  • Reconnect With Nature
  • To Be Able To Live Off The Grid
  • Be Healthy And Have Exercise
  • A Quality Family Time
  • Different Cultures And Different Meals
  • Learning New Outdoor Skills
  • Refresh yourself
  • To Have Fun No Matter What Your Age Or Budget Is


If this is what you are looking for, you visited the right blog. I have picked the best campgrounds and national parks filled with a lot of activities for all my wanderlusters to explore.

Safe and Happy Travels!


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